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Hair Shampoo
Purity Scalp
Hair Shampoo


Formulated with a combination of surfactants and Hydrolyzed Keratin, the Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo deeply cleanses excessive scalp sebum and oily residue while providing moisture to your hair, leaving a cool mint sensation after every wash.

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Purity Repair
Hair Shampoo


A moisturizing cleanser that smoothen and locks in the moisture for normal to dry hair, resulting in smooth, shiny and manageable locks. Uniquely formulated with Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, a highly sought-after ingredient for its strengthening, moisturizing and protection benefits, it helps bind moisture while its cysteine component helps to improve your hair tensile strength, protecting it from breakage.

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Purity Removed Hair Shampoo


Combining the well-known goodness of Climbazole and Aloe Vera, the Purity Removed Hair Shampoo cleanses and purifies the scalp while providing a soothing effect. It helps combat dandruff and oily scalp issues. Suitable for sensitive scalp.

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Essence Shampoo


A gentle cleanser with strengthening properties. It nourishes and re-balances the scalp pH level while promoting a health environment for natural hair growth. Enriched with the omega rich extracts of walnuts, grapes and linseed, the fatty acid nourishes the follicles and strengthens the hair from root to tip, making it less prone to breakage. With the addition of peach extracts, it leaves your tresses soft and shiny texture after every wash. Moisturizing & Rejuvenating effect.


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Ginger Lime Shampoo


Formulated with natural essentials oils & botanical extracts, Ginger Lime Shampoo is most suitable for oily scalp. The Pure Lime oil helps to effectively remove oil while soothing and moisturizing your scalp from within. Ginger extract also helps smoothen your hair, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed.

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Hair Conditioner
Purity Repair Hair Conditioner


Contains Pro-Vitamin B-5 and protein to deeply penetrate into hair shaft, improving the elasticity of your hair while giving it a healthy shine. Daily usage leaves your hair moisturized, smooth and manageable.

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Hair Tonic
Origin Hair Tonic


A leave-in tonic that provides energy and vitality for your hair and scalp. It amplifies the hair texture and helps stimulate micro-circulation, leaving scalp feeling refreshed. Use for daily maintenance. Suitable for all scalp type.

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Herbal Hair Tonic


A unique Chinese formula combining exotic and precious Chinese herbs to help stimulate your root metabolism. The strongest formula of our tonic range, it is suitable for customer with severe hair loss problems.

*The herbal tonic may leave a sticky feeling after it settles on scalp.

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Scalp Hair Tonic


A mild, gentle scalp tonic formulated with herbal nutrients that are essential for hair vitality and hair texture improvement. It provides nutrients to scalp which helps strengthen and improves follicular health. With added birch extract and menthol, the Scalp Hair Tonic controls sebaceous excretion, relieves itching and prevents dandruff. Its soothing properties and cooling effect helps alleviate scalp irritation.

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Natural Hair Tonic


A rejuvenating tonic best suited for normal to oily scalp. Formulated with 16 natural extracts, its Aloe Vera content helps sooth sensitive scalp while adding glorious shine to your tresses. Healthy scalp is the key to strong and healthy hair.

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Self Care Tool 
Tonic Applicator

Applying your favourite tonics with our tonic applicator brings maximum results!

• Massage your scalp, improve blood circulation.
• Equal distribution of nutrients to the entire scalp.
• No wastage, nutrients reaches the roots directly.
• Fuss free, one hand application.


Fill the tonic applicator with your favourite tonic and begin your journey to a fuss free scalp care routine.

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Hair Spa Cream | Hair Repair Cream
Treatment Spa Cream


Specially designed for coarse, dry and damaged hair. With a unique formulation of special softening and conditioning agents, the Treatment Spa deeply penetrates into the hair shaft to deliver optimum protein, leaving hair soft, silky and manageable. 

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Damaged Hair Rebuilder


Packed with Silk Protein, Jojoba and Vitamin E, the Damaged Hair Rebuilder nourishes and repairs damaged hair tissues caused by thermal styling, UV damage and combing. Its unique light-holding ingredient moisturizes your tresses and reduces frizz, leaving hair soft, smooth and manageable.




Hair Serum
Crystal Concentrate


A luxurious beauty fluid that instantly adds shine and silkiness to your tresses. Enriched with Vitamin E and Linseed extract, the Crystal Concentrate strengthens and increases your hair elasticity, reduces breakage and protects it from thermal damage. Regular use for soft and manageable hair.

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Scalp Ampoule
Essence Vitamins


An intensive concentrate formulated with the well-known goodness of the omega rich extracts from walnut and grapes, it protects the scalp from free radicals while nourishing the follicles and hair shaft, making it stronger. With the conditioning properties of peach extract, it helps prevent dryness while promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.



  9 SGD per bottle  

 (u.p. 54 SGD) 

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Beauty Insider 2021 Beauty & Wellness Award 

The Best Professional Hair Care for Hair Loss / Thinning Product